Coming soon

IRCs Chat Systems will be coming soon. Offering user accounts (not nickname registration), open channel registration, native in-channel channel services with public commands, native per channel anti-flood controls, extended bans and channel modes as well as IRCv3x support, and professionally run by non-intrusive network staff with years of experience. We cannot directly force you to join any channels, change your nick, host, or username. Vhosts are changed via services only. We also don't have a ton of services bots: there is no Bot/Host/Game/RPG/LMNOPServ bots. Only User/Chan/Memo/OperServ. We see no need for the extra overhead of a SASL service; so we haven't one.

Since every modern IRC client is capable of using a secured connection like ssl/tls, we will offer an entirely secured experience, no open plain-text connections are allowed. We also don't believe in self-signed certificates. Each server will be secured with a valid un-expired ssl cert. Passwords are stored "encrypted" and are thus unretrievable by anyone. We are also running on a non-standard port with no standard irc.* round robin and are not going to be indexed by any IRC indexing services to help cut down on random fly-by spammers. All connections are scanned and checked against various blacklists at the server level.

While we do not log private conversations, we do have a channel history playback feature that allows individual channel owners the ability to send the last few lines of public, channel specifc text to newly joined clients. This feature is controlled by a channel mode and must explicitly set (it's off by default) . The only logging this network does is already considered public information such as your nickname and IP address. Use of this networks resources is considered consent.

How VHosts work on IRCs

The +x usermode is automatically set on connect to the server so your host is already hidden. If you desire a custom vhost; you will need to email the staff with a G-Rated request and one will be assigned if approved. The email documents both the request and the date and time of the request. VHosts cannot be changed more than 1 in a 6 month time frame.

Rules are simple:

  • Do not annoy and do not be easily annoyed.
  • No warez, porn, or anything that could be considered copyrighted in ANY country.
  • Friendly, well behaved bots are welcomed without the need for registration (this isn't the 1990's).
  • No "op begging", it's simply annoying. O:Lines are issued as needed, not as requested.
  • We do not interfere with channel affairs. However, ban evasion (even channel bans) is a network offense.
  • The use of this network, it's services, or any of it's resources are not guarenteed. Having said that, we strive to give you the most secure, private experience with the fewest dispruptions possible.

Things we cannot do:

  • Tell the future.
  • Give you chanop status. (Services can)
  • Unban you from any channel. (Services can)
  • Ban someone from your channel for you. (Services can)
  • Run your channel for you. (Services can)

How to be invited

IRCs is currently a private IRC Network that is still in the configuration/testing phase and test users are issued invitations to join. When we are ready to invite the public for a beta test, a link will be added here to request an invitation.